A First for Many

Welcome to Erath

All adventures start somewhere

We enter the country of Erath, specifically the town of Sorpigal
through the Dragon's Mouth channel. It was getting late in the evening, so some travelers were heading to the local inn. However, right outside of the inn, 5 patrons suddenly encountered a large, grotesque rat. Hofniel Thunderlight was first to encounter it, and promptly guarded himself from the filth before him. Belladona used him as a distraction so she could sneakily stab the rat. Elora shot it with a crossbow, but it just wouldn't die! Heisenberg attempted to end its life, but slipped on a banana peel instead, landing right on his back. Finally, Queso was able to overkill the rat.

With this impromptu greeting, the new party went inside. Seated around the tavern were three interesting sets of people. First, there was a group of mercenaries in their purple, logoed uniforms. Next was a rich halfling with his half-orc body guard. Finally there was a sullen farmer, staring into the distance. Hofniel spotted the fellow high-class individual and introduced himself to the halfling. The halfling informed the party of a dwarven map he would like, and after Hofniel and Queso bartered for a higher pay, they agreed to retrieve it. Hofniel then went to bed.

The rest of the party asked the farmer why he was so sullen. The farmer told a tale of how his village was ransacked by orcs that came from the south. Queso and friends felt concern for the farmer, and agreed to help after they had more funds.

The next morning, the party left for the dungeon which supposedly had the treasure. After traveling three days, they found the abandoned building as instructed. There was a blatant front door, but Elora and Belladona felt like there must be more. These two went around the building looking for another entrance while Heisenberg, Hofniel, and Queso devised a strategy to enter through the first door. Around back, the dynamic duo found an abandoned waterway that entered the back of the building, which they started entering. Around the front, the terrible triple had successfully bashed down the door, and Hofniel was promptly greeted with a swinging mace to the chest. After the triple entered and started walking down the halfway, Hofniel narrowly avoided a bear trap as well. Hofniel decided to stop walking in front.

Soon, the party was reunited in the hallway and proceeded to find a doorless entryway. Elora looked around the corner and saw bones and a rotting corpse reaching for a glittering blade. She reported back, and the party as a whole proceeded into the room.  As the party entered, the bones began forming themselves into a skeletons that began attacking the party.

Belladona attempted to attack with a sling… and in the process slung her stone at Queso's head, which he narrowly dodged. Next, our melee fighters went to prove their meddle. Queso confronted a skeleton by himself. He gaffawed at the skeleton's lack of accuracy, while bashing it into bonemeal. Heisenberg tried to redeem himself by also confronting a skeleton. He missed. Elora advanced to attack with Heisenberg. Hofniel managed to turn one of the six opponents, but 4 still remained.

Queso, the savior of the day, gaffawed at another weak skeleton's attempt to wound him, while quickly dispatching it. But on the other end of things, Belladona managed to lose her entire sling in her next attack… Heisenberg, not wanting to  be shown up, attempted to attack again… and promptly broke his sword on the ground while simultaneously falling on his back. Fear not, because immediately afterwards both Hofniel and Elora missed as well. Then finally, Queso defeated another enemy, and with the power of teamwork, the rest of the skeletons fell without incident.

Then, after the skeletons were all defeated, a ghostly apparition appeared at the far side of the room and began to approach. Hofniel attempted to turn it… and was extremely unsuccessful. Heisenberg reached for the dead man's sword and shield and confronted the wraith. Queso, the ever gaffawing, attacked the wraith, but it did no damage! Elora attacked with spells, and Belladona… well, she investigated the chest at the other end of the room. The wraith, unlike the skeletons, was very successful at attacking Queso and draining his life energy. Heisenberg missed again, but Hofniel was able to run behind Queso and enchant his greatsword. Queso now was able to do massive damage. Then after Heisenberg (finally) landed a serious blow, Queso was able to rage kill the wraith!

The party was able to open the chest and retrieve all the loot. Belladona was able to identify a corpse as one of the mercenaries. Everybody lived, returned home, and prepared for another adventure.


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