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  • Sorpigal

    A dirty little town. The one with the rat. Located in the country of Arath. The leader is [[:duke-torvald | Duke Torvald]].

  • Erath

    The country we are located in. It has a capital of Starkdale with reigning [[:king-travil | King Travil]], the patriarch of House Travil. It has been 40 years of tense peace.

  • Chevres

    The country to the west of [[Erath | Erath]]. There was a great war between these two countries many years ago.

  • West Wall

    The main outpost dividing [[Chevres | Chevres]] and [[Erath | Erath]]. Its ruling noble is [[:adeline-ashdrake | Adeline Ashdrake]].

  • Falcon Watch

    A relatively neutral city. Due north is a minor fort that housed [[Black Fire Mercenaries | Black Fire Mercenaries]] and [[:james-ashdrake | James Ashdrake]], until the party retrieved him and killed everyone else.

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